LemFi (YC S21) is building the neo-bank for the African diaspora in North America & Europe & the UK. We provide our users with a multi-currency account that allows them to hold, send, and receive money from Africa in any currency for their business and personal banking needs.

Who you are:

You are a motivated and energetic person who would thrive in a fintech startup environment like ours. The teams here at LemFi are passionate about their work and fields of expertise but also lend hands-on cross-functional responsibilities to ensure the success of the company and the satisfaction of our clientele.

Job Summary:

The ideal candidate will be someone who has helped launch a new product to a new market, someone with events marketing experience and partnership development.


  • Plan, organize, publicize, and execute offline marketing activities, managing local media placements.
  • Identify and operate with seed users, overseeing the overall performance of the referral
  • program.
  • Establish new connections and partnerships, assist in maintaining existing user communities and partner relationships, engage in timely communication with users, and provide feedback.
  • Responsible for competitor information gathering, market research, and actively tracking the latest industry trends.
  • We hope you have a passion for face-to-face communication, possess an affable nature, and enjoy assisting others.
  • Exhibit a keen curiosity for new products and novel concepts, willing to share great products and content.


  • Candidate must be fluent in written and speaking Chinese and English, deep understanding of the Chinese immigrants’ culture, great network in the immigrants’ community.
  • 1-3 years’ experience in a marketing or related role (including part time and internship) ;
  • Long term plan to stay in US
  • Bachelor degree or above
  • Excellent execution efficiency
  • Analytical, research, verbal and written communication skills
  • Candidates must reside in Toronto or Vancouver, fluent in both English and Chinese for effective collaboration.
  • Experience organising marketing events is desirable.

Bonus Points

● Proficient writing skills, able to express ideas fluently and with a humorous and witty style

● Active on social media with a significant following; experience in community or group operations is a plus.

Goal: The goal for this role is to grow our reach in the USA, particularly Chinese citizens. To drive activations and other engagements that would lead to an increase in new users signed up and transacting in the USA.


- 2020年创立的fintech公司,目前为全球超百万用户提供便捷、实时、低成本的跨境汇款


- 由美国最大的创业加速器Y Combinator孵化,业务已扩展至13个国家,目前在快速增长

- 2023年,我们完成了3300万美金的A轮融资

- 英国持牌金融机构,接受央行监管,在伦敦地铁、公交上都能看到我们的广告

我们希望招聘1名marketing specialist,工作内容如下

- 策划、组织、宣传和执行线下marketing活动,管理本地媒体的投放工作

- 识别和运营种子用户,负责referral program的整体表现

- 结识新朋友和合作伙伴,协助维护已有的用户社区、合作伙伴关系,及时与用户交流并


- 负责竞争对手信息搜集、市场调研等,积极追踪行业的最近动态


- 热爱与人面对面交流,具有亲和力,喜欢帮助他人

- 对新产品和新鲜事物有充分的好奇心,乐于分享好的产品和内容

- 居住在伦敦,中英文流利,以便于展开工作


- 有一定写作能力,能流畅地通过写作来表达想法,言语风格诙谐幽默

- 在社交媒体上活跃,有一定的粉丝量,有社团或者社区运营经验的更佳


- start up的氛围,快速、敏捷,团队一起往前冲

- remote,family friendly,work life balance,flexible